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Dear reader,

This is the second number of the International Circular of Graphic Education and Research; I hope you will find it as favourable as the first issue. It took a bit longer than expected to complete but I can promise you that number three will follow shortly.

I wrote at the end of my first editorial that a journal cannot exist without content. This still holds of course and you are again cordially invited to submit your research findings for publication.

This is only half of the story, however. A scientific journal dedicated to high-level papers cannot exist without expert reviewers either. So this is the place to offer my most sincere gratitude to all our referees. In fact, not a single one of
those approached refused to accept this extra task though it is rather hard work to carefully read a scientific paper and to advise the authors on how to improve it further.

It is perfectly obvious that all the reviewers took their job very seriously and with a positive attitude towards the authors, even if the paper was rejected in the end. Of course, this is not really pleasant for the authors nor for the reviewers, and the same is true for the editor who has to convey the bad news - and to make difficult decisions, especially if the referees don't agree.

But the central point is that we all work together for a high-quality scientific journal for science and the education for our trade. And so I should like to encourage the authors to continue to write contributions and to accept the reviewers'
opinions as recommendations of critical friends; our experienced researchers to help their young colleagues to find their way and to present their findings as necessary for a scientific journal; the reviewers to continue their work with scrutiny and dedication; and the editor will do his best as well. Not to forget the typesetter, the printers, and all the others I didn't mention.

Finally I should like to address a special problem: the language issue.
'The common language of the scientific community is poor English,' it has been said. And there is no way out: English is the most important language in the world. So also all the contributions sent to the IC Journal up to now were in English though we offered to accept some other languages as well as long as the article is accompanied by a translation into English. So the authors decided to write in English only, even if their command of the English language is not really perfect; I appreciate that.

Some of the referees ventured to correct and improve the language themselves but then had to take care that they didn't change the meaning of the text. Thanks to them for this additional work. But I should also encourage the authors to perhaps seek advice from fluent or - better - native English speakers, in order to present their fine results appropriately.

Wolfgang Faigle


Publisher: The International Circle of Educational Institutes for Graphic Arts: Technology and Management
Editorial Office Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Faigle
Stuttgart Media University (HdM)
Nobelstraße 10
D-70569 Stuttgart
Editorial Board Rajendrakumar Anayath, Chennai, India;
Herbert Czichon, Warsaw, Poland;
Wolfgang Faigle, Stuttgart, Germany;
Yuri Kuznetsow, St. Peterburg, Russia;
Hartmann Liebetruth, Wuppertal, Germany;
Wladimir Naumow, Moscow, Russia;
Anastasios Politis, Athens, Greece;
Seija Ristimäki, Espoo, Finland;
Robert Thompson, London, England;
Xu Wencai, Beijing.
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Composing: Sylvia Rennert, HdM
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Reviewers for this issue were:
Linda Bogaert, Ghent, Belgium
Luk Bouters, Ghent, Belgium
Tim Claypole, Swansea, UK
Marianne Hofmann, Yverdon, Switzerland
Juri Kuznetsov, St. Peterburg, Russia
Hartmann Liebetruth, Wuppertal, Germany
Luz-Maria Linder, Stuttgart, Germany
Jacqueline May, Stuttgart, Germany
Gillian Mothersill, Toronto, Canada
Martin Münd, Frankfurt, Germany
Christa Ness, Stuttgart, Germany
Alexander Roos, Stuttgart, Germany
Gerhard Schumm, Stuttgart, Germany
Werner Till, Stuttgart, Germany
Alexander Tsyganenko, Moscow, Russia
Pentti Viluksela, Espoo, Finland.

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