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Dear reader,

I'm delighted that you have chosen number six of the International Circular of Graphic Education and Research as your reading. You will not be disappointed by the scientific journal of the International Circle.

This issue again contains several peculiarities. To start with, the paper by Mesic and Johnston continues the cooperation with TAGA and the TAGA Journal which we started a year ago. This exchange is really something to be proud of. Roughly speaking, it connects East and West, the Old and the New Worlds, though, of course, both organisations are represented worldwide.

In the summer of this year, the International Circle held its Annual Conference at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, and the one after next year’s conference will be hosted by CalPoly at San Luis Obispo, California. Next year’s conference, in between, will go back to the roots of modern civilization and take place in the outskirts of Athens, Greece, and run from May 25 to 29, 2014.

This booklet also contains the first of a little series of articles which will be published in this journal. Alexander Roos, the Rector of the Stuttgart Media University, presents his view of the future of the world of media. Though Alexander is certainly profoundly internationally-minded, his findings explicitly focus on Germany and hence may have a European bias.

To make up for this, I tried to solicit some more papers of this kind, and now I can proudly announce two related articles by American and Asian authors which will be published in the next two issues. The prize for this idea, by the way, goes to IC Honorary President Hartmann Liebetruth.

It will be thrilling to see where the authors agree and where their opinions differ. I do hope that this will spark a lively debate in our new forum section.

Furthermore, there are papers written on the basis of lectures presented at the IC Annual Conference in Budapest last year, expanded and peer reviewed for publication in the Journal. This change took considerable efforts on the parts of both authors and reviewers.

This preference for the Budapest papers had, on the other hand, consequences which I have to apologize for. There are some more papers ready for publishing which now only will appear in the next issue of the IC Journal. I can only place my hopes on the patience and understanding of those authors.

Anyway my invitation is the same as always: Please, dear readers, share your findings, ideas and experiences with your colleagues worldwide. Write them down and hand them in for publication in the IC Journal – scientific, technological, economic, educational, these fields in relation to each other, or just something you always wanted to say and now put it onto the forum .

We will treat them with utmost care, and they will find interested readers worldwide, in the online or in the printed version of the journal.

After all, our community is a relatively small one, and several respected institutions, rich in tradition, are in trouble. The answer is co-operation, not secrets.

Wolfgang Faigle


Publisher: The International Circle of Educational Institutes for Graphic Arts: Technology and Management
Editorial Office Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Faigle
Stuttgart Media University (HdM)
Nobelstraße 10
D-70569 Stuttgart
Editorial Board Rajendrakumar Anayath, Chennai, India
Konstantin Antipov, Moscow, Russia
Herbert Czichon, Warsaw, Poland
Wolfgang Faigle, Stuttgart, Germany
Björn Kruse, Norrköping, Sweden
Yuri Kuznetsow, St. Peterburg, Russia
Hartmann Liebetruth, Wuppertal, Germany
Wladimir Naumow ✝, Moscow, Russia
Anastasios Politis, Athens, Greece
Seija Ristimäki, Espoo, Finland
Robert Thompson, London, England
Xu Wencai, Beijing, China
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Composing: Michael Krebes, HdM
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Reviewers for this issue were:
- Ian Baitz, Toronto
- John Craft, Boone
- Michael Dattner, Bielefeld
- Martin Dreher, Stuttgart
- Bernhard Eberhardt, Stuttgart
- Martin Habekost, Toronto
- Jens Uwe Hahn, Stuttgart
- Gunter Hübner, Stuttgart
- Hartmann Liebetruth, Wuppertal
- Gillian Mothersill, Toronto
- Peter Nussbaum, Gjøvik
- István Patkó, Budapest

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