Issue No 11 2018

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How digital is the media professor? Luk Bouters [reviews]
Initial Steps to Develop Piezoelectric Inkjet Ink Containing Stimuli-responsive Pigments Mustafa Bilgin, Johannes Backhaus [science & technology]
Papermaking Factors Affecting Lateral Web Position during Commercial Heat Set Web Offset Printing George Shields, Alexandra Pekarovicova, Paul D. Fleming, Jan Pekarovic [science & technology]
An Evaluation of Paper Brightness Indices Bruce Myers, Hanyi Cheng [science & technology]
Sleeve type influence on flexographic print quality Saša Petrović, Nemanja Kašiković [science & technology]
NFC Technology and Augmented Reality in Smart Packaging Stefan Đurđević ,Dragolub Novaković, Nemanja Kašiković, Željko Zeljković, Neda Milić, Jelena Vasić [science & technology]
Traditional Elements of Chinese Culture in Logo Design Jiangxin Liu [science & technology]
Blending User Experience with Graphic Communication Curriculum Charmaine Farber, Kenneth Macro [education]


Dear reader,

Dear Reader,
I am proud to present to you the 11th edition of
the IC Circular. The on-line version of this journal
can be found here.

This Circular features eight research papers that focus mainly on science and technology side of the journal.

A big "Thank You" goes out to the reviewers of the journal how reviewed and commented on the submitted articles. Your hard work is appreciated.
The topics of the articles are quite diverse.
They range from inkjet inks to papermaking, to paper brightness indices, flexographic printing, NFC and augmented reality to logo design influenced by traditional elements of Chinese culture.
From this short editorial you can see that the articles in this edition are quite diverse and there should be at least one interesting article for each reader.
After this issue the IC Circular will be merging with the Journal of Print and Media Technology Research JPMTR published by IARIGAI. Don’t worry there will still be a special “IC edition” of the JPMTR.
What does this mean to the authors? From now on you need to follow the submission rules of the JPMTR, which can be found here on the IARIGAI-guidelines page
Make sure you read these guideline carefully and follow them. Your research articles can still be submitted to my attention and I will initiate the review process according to the guidelines of the JPMTR. I will be working closely with editor of the JPMTR for the IC guest edition.
Don’t hesitate to send me your manuscripts via email to You can write to me in German or English, but your articles need to be in English.

Best regards,
Martin Habekost


Publisher: The International Circle of Educational Institutes for Graphic Arts: Technology and Management
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Toronto, Ontario, M5B 2K3
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Composing: Martin Habekost
ISSN online version: 1868-0879
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Reviewers for this issue were:
John Craft, Boone, N.C.
Ian Baitz, Toronto
Martin Habekost, Toronto
Gunter Hübner, Stuttgart
Jay Park, Toronto
Abhay Sharma, Toronto
Tobias Trofast, Linköping
Mandy Wu, Boone, N.C.

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