15 June 2017 Newsletter

Newsletter June 2017

Summary of the 49th conference and general assembly of the IC in Beijing.

Dear members, dear colleagues, The 49th Annual Conference of the International Circle was a great success thanks to a strong program and a solid organizational management. It was an excellent opportunity to network and to strengthen our international contacts. We owe a lot of appreciation to the organizing committee and our host the BIGC. You can expect to consult some pictures of the event at our website soonest. As usual, this conference coincided with the General Assembly of our organization. Important to note here is that the proposed new charter was formally adopted by the members present. Action will be taken to put this in effect accordingly. At the General Assembly, our colleagues of the Department of Printing Technology of the Institute of Mechanics and Printing at Warsaw University of Technology, announced their hosting of the 50th Annual Conference. The institute was the first higher education institution in the country for engineers of printing and roughly 2000 engineers graduated since then. This edition will concur with their 50th anniversary celebrations and the IARIGAI annual conference. This promises to be a memorable event and edition. An opportunity not to be missed! Kindly block 4th to 7th of October 2018 in your agenda. A more detailed program is forthcoming. At the last General Assembly we also informed the membership about invitations from TAGA and IARIGAI to explore further collaboration, particularly with regards to the publication of scientific articles. All organizations encounter some difficulties in collating good quality papers on a regular basis for their respective publications and it is believed that joint action might help in overcoming this and ensure the continuation of high quality standards. In Beijing we received agreement from the membership to engage in some initial talks on this subject. Having said this and in the same vein, we welcome new articles for our next edition and proposals to host an Annual Conference. As improving our external and internal communication is one of our priorities, we launched a LinkedIn Group to bring together the members on social media and increase interconnectivity. You can join this group by sending a request to kimberly.vanlaere@arteveldehs.be or click on this LinkedIn site. With our best regards, Luk Chair