22 Apr 2017 Newsletter

Newsletter April 2017

Preparations for the IC-conference in Beijing

Dear colleagues, The 49th Conference of the International Circle is nearing and we are eagerly waiting to see you all again. This mail will update you on the latest news with regards to our annual conference, the new charter, the website of the organization and our scientific magazine. Our Chinese colleagues are working hard to make the 49th Annual Conference memorable and very educational. Having the venue for the conference in Beijing is very interesting and attractive to participate. Keep a close eye on the conference http://ysbz.bigc.edu.cn/ic2017/ website as the organizers are finalizing the programme and it will be updated regularly. Kindly send your travel schedule to the organizers as they will arrange for airport transport whenever possible. They are also still looking for contributors and presentations for the programme. Attached with this mail, you will also find a copy of the proposed new charter both in English and German (thank you Gunter!). The draft was endorsed by the members of the ad hoc Advisory Board and we are very thankful for their time and useful observations. We have asked the organizing committee of the Conference for some time on the second day of the conference, to introduce the new charter to the General Assembly and to get its official approval and ratification. Please read it carefully before your arrival in Beijing. Our new editor has not been idle since his election. Martin Habekost finished the new edition of the IC Journal. The latest edition contains again very enlightening and instructive articles on issues pertaining to our professional field. Copies are available at no cost and if you are interested in receiving one, please send a mail to kimberly.vanlaere@arteveldehs.be who will see to it that you receive your personal copy soonest. I will also handcarry copies to Beijing. Finally, we will add a new section to our website / entitled ‘job job opportunities’. Here you can post job vacancies or interest for short and long term exchanges such as a guest professor. In case you have an offer or request, please send it to huebner@hdm-stuttgart.de who acts as the webmaster of the organization. Looking forward to meeting you all at the 49th Conference in Beijing, With best regards, Luk Bouters