29 Jan 2021 Newsletter

Newsletter January 2021

Candidates for election as chairperson and voting procedure

Dear members of the IC
It is with great pleasure that I can share with you the personal statements from the two candidates soliciting to become the next Chair of the IC. In this application they share their views and thoughts on the objectives and the future of the IC as an international organization of peers.
Every partner institution has one vote.
For the presidium, to be in a position to organize fair and smooth elections, we need the following information from all our members:
• Your name and position:
• The name of your institution/organization:
• The name of the official contact person of your institution/organization:
• The name of the person with the voting right (if different from official contact person):
Do not forget to send this information to annelien.haeghebaert@arteveldehs.be in order to be eligible for our voting process! Only registered voters will be allowed to cast a vote.
I take this opportunity to thank Prof. Dr. Gunter Huebner, Vice-Chair, and Prof. Dr. Martin Habekost, editor, both members of the praesidium of the IC, for their continuous support and decision to extend their commitment to the IC respectively as Co-Chair and Editor. Together with the newly elected Chair they will ensure a smooth transition and continuation of our organisation.
In a few weeks time, you will receive an update on our online DRUPA-program and an invitation to submit papers for our next internatinal conference. This will take plase in Athens in collaboration with HELGRAMED, GRAPHMEDLAB and iarigai.
With our best regards


Anastasios E. Politis
Dear colleagues and friends, members of the IC
First of all, I would like to wish to you all the best for the new year and with the hope that we will be finally be free to meet each other soon! As you already know, DRUPA exhibition has been cancelled. Our DRUPA conference jointly organized with iarigai at Messe Duesseldorf fairgrounds on April 22nd, has been transformed to a digital event, with a limited number of keynote speakers in the same day. Therefore, we will not have the opportunity to meet in April 2021.
Let’s hope that the conditions will allow all of us to meet during the 52nd IC Annual conference to take place in Athens, in September 2021.
Further, with this letter, I would like to express my willingness to be candidate for the Chair of the IC for the next period. During the last decades, I am fully committed in international cooperation with partner Universities and other educational organizations around the globe. I have also worked at several issues regarding IC – for example the active participation at the revision of the Charter and bylaws of the international Circle (2016), the organization of the 46th International Circle in Korinthia and Athens, Greece (2014) and the contribution to the issue of the exclusion of our Institutes from the ISCED-2013 classification. Since 2016, I also serve as a member of the Advisory Board of the IC.
In case that I will be elected, I will try hard to continue the greatly appreciated term of our Chairman Luk Bouters, who is one of the best IC Chairs among many successful in the past. Further, I will put emphasis on the re-organization of the IC and I will also try to make more visible our Institutes in a wider audience. In addition, I will work for the enhancement of cooperation with other research, education and industry organisations and institutions. Finally, one task of high priority will be to attract new institutes as members and the organization of various events.
Of course, nothing can be done without the teamwork of all members, and the Advisory Board, so I look forward for a strong cooperation.
With my very best regards and wishes for a better new year with health!
For those that do not know me, I attach a very short Biography.
Personal data and present positions
Professor of Graphic Communication, Print-Media and Packaging Science and Technology University of West Attica and Hellenic Open University, Greece
Vice-Chairman of HELGRAMED – the Hellenic Association of Graphic Arts and Media Technology Engineers
Director, The Hellenic Graphic-Media Research Lab, University of West Attica
Research Fellow, Graphic Communication Department, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California
Home Address: Lefka, Po.Box 6562, GR-19015, Oropos, Attiki, Greece
Tel.: +306947898462, E-mail: politismedia@gmail.com
Main Qualifications and experience:
• Over 40 years of experience on the strategic analysis and development for the Greek and European Graphic Communication and Print Media Science and Technology (graphic arts/communication, printing and packaging and industries – R&D, management, production, learning, education and training (1977-today).
• Long established cooperation with scientific and educational organizations, employers’ federations, trade unions, universities and training establishments, and research institutes at Europe and international levels (Intergraf, UNI-Europa Graphical, CEDEFOP, Career Space, IARIGAI, EGIN, International Circle, FTA, FESPA etc), in various projects and studies.
• Author and co-author of 4 books, over 100 scientific peer-reviewed papers published in journals and conference proceedings, some 200 studies and of some 400 articles in the Greek trade graphic arts and media and daily financial press.
• Member of scientific committees at International research conferences, member at editorial boards of scientific journals, Peer-reviewer of scientific papers, books and publications of other researchers, to be published/presented at journals and conferences
• Active member of numerous EU/research projects (COMETT, ERASMUS, LEONARDO DA VINCI, EGF/AFETT, MIWS, CUSTOMDP, SELEAC, OWLNET, EEEI-Energy Efficiency, Lean manufacturing & marketing for Graphic-Media, EKFI- Exchange Platform for Future Intelligence, etc.).
• Working languages: Greek, English and German.