01 Apr 2021 Newsletter

Newsletter April 2021

Preview of 2021 events

Dear members of the IC,
This circular will update you on the following four issues:
• Our virtual conference at DRUPA
• The 52nd annual conference (Athens – Greece)
• The election of a new chair
• World Print Campus
As you all know, IC and iarigai have joined forces to organize an event during the virtual DRUPA 2021 fair. Here are a teaser video and a PowerPoint presentation for your information and sharing (read: promoting) of our program with your colleagues and others. Our virtual conference features five eminent and erudite speakers and will be an integral part of the official DRUPA 2021 program. Our conference theme will focus on the interaction between technology, education and research and should be of interest to every member. Please share this information with your colleagues and encourage your students to participate. Participation is free but registration is mandatory. Registration can be done via this link.
After the technical presentations, our colleague Anastasios Politis will introduce the venue and the program of the next annual conference, which will take place in Athens (Greece), 19 – 24 September 2021. Our Greek colleagues excel in meticulously organizing their conferences and this edition will be no exception to that rule. Anyway, the wonderful city of Athens with its spectacular views and ancient architecture and culture merits some consideration and – unquestionably – your enthusiasm. At the end of the virtual conference (around 17.00h CET), the election of a new chair will take place. Only registered member-institutions are eligible for voting. So, if you have not registered yet, do not hesitate and send your institution’s name and contact person to annelien.haeghebaert@arteveldehs.be. All registered contact persons will receive an online link from Martin Habekost to cast their vote. The election will start at 17.30h CET April 21st. Absolute anonymity is guaranteed in this online election process.
Finally, during the presence-DRUPA a booth named “World Print Campus” was planned, where under the lead of the HdM (Stuttgart Media University) all partner universities specialized in print media could present themselves to the print media community and their future (exchange) students. Now on the virtual show, there is also a possibility to be present as a virtual exhibitor and take part in the – as DRUPA calls it – exhibition area and networking plaza. Please contact Gunter Huebner who is coordinating the event if you are interested in participation. This is an excellent opportunity for any international relations officer to get to know potential exchange and mobility partners for your students and colleagues. You can contact Gunter via huebner@hdm-stuttgart.de
On the one hand, although we will definitely miss the social contacts and conviviality of our past physical meetings, this program during DRUPA will be the next best experience. On the other hand, the 52nd annual conference in Athens offers a realistic perspective to meet each other again in person. In the meantime, hold on, stay well and take care.
With my best regards