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2022 Conference Call for Papers extended

New deadline 24th April 2022

Dear members of the IC, the deadline for submissions to the 53rd Annual Conference in Greenville SC. USA has been extended until 24 April 2022. You can find the new "Call for Papers" for the conference here.
With kind regards
Gunter Hübner


Newsletter April 2021

Preview of 2021 events

Dear members of the IC,
This circular will update you on the following four issues:
• Our virtual conference at DRUPA
• The 52nd annual conference (Athens - Greece)
• The election of a new chair
• World Print Campus
As you all know, IC and iarigai have joined forces to organize an event during the virtual DRUPA 2021 fair. Here are a teaser video and a PowerPoint presentation for your information and sharing (read: promoting) of our program with your colleagues and others. Our virtual conference features five eminent and erudite speakers and will be an integral part of the official DRUPA 2021 program. Our conference theme will focus on the interaction between technology, education and research and should be of interest to every member. Please share this information with your colleagues and encourage your students to participate. Participation is free but registration is mandatory. Registration can be done via this link.
After the technical presentations, our colleague Anastasios Politis will introduce the venue and the program of the next annual conference, which will take place in Athens (Greece), 19 - 24 September 2021. Our Greek colleagues excel in meticulously organizing their conferences and this edition will be no exception to that rule. Anyway, the wonderful city of Athens with its spectacular views and ancient architecture and culture merits some consideration and – unquestionably - your enthusiasm. At the end of the virtual conference (around 17.00h CET), the election of a new chair will take place. Only registered member-institutions are eligible for voting. So, if you have not registered yet, do not hesitate and send your institution’s name and contact person to All registered contact persons will receive an online link from Martin Habekost to cast their vote. The election will start at 17.30h CET April 21st. Absolute anonymity is guaranteed in this online election process.
Finally, during the presence-DRUPA a booth named “World Print Campus” was planned, where under the lead of the HdM (Stuttgart Media University) all partner universities specialized in print media could present themselves to the print media community and their future (exchange) students. Now on the virtual show, there is also a possibility to be present as a virtual exhibitor and take part in the - as DRUPA calls it - exhibition area and networking plaza. Please contact Gunter Huebner who is coordinating the event if you are interested in participation. This is an excellent opportunity for any international relations officer to get to know potential exchange and mobility partners for your students and colleagues. You can contact Gunter via
On the one hand, although we will definitely miss the social contacts and conviviality of our past physical meetings, this program during DRUPA will be the next best experience. On the other hand, the 52nd annual conference in Athens offers a realistic perspective to meet each other again in person. In the meantime, hold on, stay well and take care.
With my best regards


Newsletter January 2021

Candidates for election as chairperson and voting procedure

Dear members of the IC
It is with great pleasure that I can share with you the personal statements from the two candidates soliciting to become the next Chair of the IC. In this application they share their views and thoughts on the objectives and the future of the IC as an international organization of peers.
Every partner institution has one vote.
For the presidium, to be in a position to organize fair and smooth elections, we need the following information from all our members:
• Your name and position:
• The name of your institution/organization:
• The name of the official contact person of your institution/organization:
• The name of the person with the voting right (if different from official contact person):
Do not forget to send this information to in order to be eligible for our voting process! Only registered voters will be allowed to cast a vote.
I take this opportunity to thank Prof. Dr. Gunter Huebner, Vice-Chair, and Prof. Dr. Martin Habekost, editor, both members of the praesidium of the IC, for their continuous support and decision to extend their commitment to the IC respectively as Co-Chair and Editor. Together with the newly elected Chair they will ensure a smooth transition and continuation of our organisation.
In a few weeks time, you will receive an update on our online DRUPA-program and an invitation to submit papers for our next internatinal conference. This will take plase in Athens in collaboration with HELGRAMED, GRAPHMEDLAB and iarigai.
With our best regards


Anastasios E. Politis
Dear colleagues and friends, members of the IC
First of all, I would like to wish to you all the best for the new year and with the hope that we will be finally be free to meet each other soon! As you already know, DRUPA exhibition has been cancelled. Our DRUPA conference jointly organized with iarigai at Messe Duesseldorf fairgrounds on April 22nd, has been transformed to a digital event, with a limited number of keynote speakers in the same day. Therefore, we will not have the opportunity to meet in April 2021.
Let's hope that the conditions will allow all of us to meet during the 52nd IC Annual conference to take place in Athens, in September 2021.
Further, with this letter, I would like to express my willingness to be candidate for the Chair of the IC for the next period. During the last decades, I am fully committed in international cooperation with partner Universities and other educational organizations around the globe. I have also worked at several issues regarding IC - for example the active participation at the revision of the Charter and bylaws of the international Circle (2016), the organization of the 46th International Circle in Korinthia and Athens, Greece (2014) and the contribution to the issue of the exclusion of our Institutes from the ISCED-2013 classification. Since 2016, I also serve as a member of the Advisory Board of the IC.
In case that I will be elected, I will try hard to continue the greatly appreciated term of our Chairman Luk Bouters, who is one of the best IC Chairs among many successful in the past. Further, I will put emphasis on the re-organization of the IC and I will also try to make more visible our Institutes in a wider audience. In addition, I will work for the enhancement of cooperation with other research, education and industry organisations and institutions. Finally, one task of high priority will be to attract new institutes as members and the organization of various events.
Of course, nothing can be done without the teamwork of all members, and the Advisory Board, so I look forward for a strong cooperation.
With my very best regards and wishes for a better new year with health!
For those that do not know me, I attach a very short Biography.
Personal data and present positions
Professor of Graphic Communication, Print-Media and Packaging Science and Technology University of West Attica and Hellenic Open University, Greece
Vice-Chairman of HELGRAMED - the Hellenic Association of Graphic Arts and Media Technology Engineers
Director, The Hellenic Graphic-Media Research Lab, University of West Attica
Research Fellow, Graphic Communication Department, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California
Home Address: Lefka, Po.Box 6562, GR-19015, Oropos, Attiki, Greece
Tel.: +306947898462, E-mail:
Main Qualifications and experience:
• Over 40 years of experience on the strategic analysis and development for the Greek and European Graphic Communication and Print Media Science and Technology (graphic arts/communication, printing and packaging and industries - R&D, management, production, learning, education and training (1977-today).
• Long established cooperation with scientific and educational organizations, employers’ federations, trade unions, universities and training establishments, and research institutes at Europe and international levels (Intergraf, UNI-Europa Graphical, CEDEFOP, Career Space, IARIGAI, EGIN, International Circle, FTA, FESPA etc), in various projects and studies.
• Author and co-author of 4 books, over 100 scientific peer-reviewed papers published in journals and conference proceedings, some 200 studies and of some 400 articles in the Greek trade graphic arts and media and daily financial press.
• Member of scientific committees at International research conferences, member at editorial boards of scientific journals, Peer-reviewer of scientific papers, books and publications of other researchers, to be published/presented at journals and conferences
• Active member of numerous EU/research projects (COMETT, ERASMUS, LEONARDO DA VINCI, EGF/AFETT, MIWS, CUSTOMDP, SELEAC, OWLNET, EEEI-Energy Efficiency, Lean manufacturing & marketing for Graphic-Media, EKFI- Exchange Platform for Future Intelligence, etc.).
• Working languages: Greek, English and German.


Newsletter December 2020

Christmas greetings, preview of 2021 and candidates nominated for election as chairperson

Dear member,
COVID-19 has challenged us and continues to do so in many ways. It has drawn our attention to what is very dear to us all: our family, our health, our social life. I, therefore, genuinely hope this circular finds you and your family in good health and I trust this will remain so for many months and years to come. I hope that by the times this message reaches you, we will have some clear and strong indications that an effective cure is on its way or is being deployed against this pandemic.
As the presidium of the IC we also have to think about the future and the functioning of our organization in a post-Corona era with a safe living and working environment. In this mail I will update you on the following subjects:
- IC presence at DRUPA 2021
- Election of a new chair for the IC
- IC-iarigai conference in Athens 2021
On Thursday 22nd of April, IC and iarigai will jointly organize a virtual seminar focusing on bridging the world of industry and education. This event will take place on Thursday, April 22nd during the DRUPA fair. Prof. Dr. Anastasios Politis and his team, are currently working on the program and the details will be shared through our website and the circulars. At the end of this one-day program, we will organize the election for a new chair during a General Assembly. Presently, two candidates have come forth. Both of them are very well known inside and outside the organization. They are respected, very competent and committed to the organization:
- Daiva Sajek, form Kaunas (Lithuania)
- Anastasios Politis, from Athens (Greece)
In a separate mail they will present themselves and share with you their thoughts and views on the organization to enable you to become familiar with their ambition and vision about the future of the IC. The presidium would like to establish an official ballot list of registered voters who represent their institution or organization. This list will be used for an online election. The details of the voting process will be communicated later. To this end, we would appreciate receiving:
- Your name and position
- The name of your institution/organization,
- The name of the official contact person of your institution/organization
- The name of the person with the voting right (if different from official contact person)
The person with the voting right can also delegate this right to another person (voting by proxy) if the election can take place physically during DRUPA 2021. You can send a reply to before January 31st, 2021.
Finally, we are very pleased to share with you the latest news on the joint IC-iarigai Conference in Athens 2021 hosted by HELGRAMED - The Hellenic Union of Graphic Arts and Media Technology Engineers and GRAPHMEDLAB - The Hellenic Graphic-Media Research Lab, University of West Attica. Kindly, block the dates 19 - 24 September, 2021 in your agenda for this purpose.
Back in 2014, we already experienced the expertise of HELGRAMED in organizing high level conferences on the occasion of our 46th Annual Conference and we are confident that they will do their utmost to emulate this memorable experience. Prof. Dr. Anastasios E. Politis will be the conference director and you can send your abstract to him if you would like to give a presentation. More details of the program and the official website can be found via
Both websites, the one-day event during DRUPA (Dusseldorf) and the 52nd Annual Conference (Athens), are being developed and soon will provide you with the latest.
2021 promises not only to mark the end of an unprecedented pandemic, but also the rise again of international co-operative efforts amongst the IC colleagues.
Looking forward to see this happening soonest.
Kind regards
Luk Bouters


Newsletter April 2020

Annual meeting postponed due to Corona. In the search for a new chairperson.

Dear members of the IC, Dear colleagues,
At disturbing times like we are experiencing now, one values his health and the well-being of the family and colleagues more than ever before. On behalf of the presidium, I would like to express my sincere hope that this circular finds you well and in good health. And, I trust we will all meet again soon.
In this circular, I would like to update you on the latest news related to the International Circle. First of all, as you are all aware, due to Corona, DRUPA and our annual conference were postponed.
The presidium conferred and decided to maintain the program as it is and to organize it at the Dusseldorf Messe during DRUPA 2021. Prof. Dr. Anastasios Politis has kindly agreed to start the preparations for the next conference which will be organized jointly with IARIGAI as originally planned. More detailed information will follow. The Drupa 2020 event could have been the beginning of a new era of collaboration between various organizations that are related to the print industry. TAGA, EGIN, Intergraf, IARIGAI, CGTEA, etc. all had agreed to attend and promote the event. We will contact them again and seek their backing and assistance to make the 2021 edition of DRUPA memorable and successful.
As you all know, I will retire from office on May 1st, 2021 and the election of a new chair was scheduled to take place during the General Assembly of this year’s Annual Conference, June 18th, 2020. Here again, Corona intervened and crossed our plans. The presidium supported the suggestion that I remain in office until the next annual conference (DRUPA, April 2021) and that a new chair is elected then. I concurred with this idea and proposition. Interested candidates have twelve more months to ponder and interested candidates can inform me by mail.
In pre-Corona times, it was also agreed that HELGRAMED would be responsible for the organization of the 52nd Annual Conference in 2021. We approached IARIGAI and Helgramed and they welcomed the suggestion to join hands and to organize an international conference in Athens in the fall of 2021. Here again, Prof. Dr. Politis will take the lead.
Additionally, one IC journal paper has been approved by the reviewers and is ready for publication. The article has been uploaded to our website. We will continue doing so to ensure that papers, reviewed and approved for publication, can be consulted by the members. As soon as we have enough papers, a print publication will follow. Prof. Dr. Martin Habekost, the editor of our journal, is extending again a call for scientific articles and is encouraging you to submit articles for review. Please consider your colleagues and students to send in articles. They will be warmly welcomed. Given the fact that many print-oriented or related publications face difficulties in getting enough quality publications, maybe we should consider joining forces.
In closing, I would like to reiterate my hope for your good health and safety and wish you and your family all the best. Remain safe and sound!
All the best

Luk Bouters


Newsletter September 2019

Annual Congress in Tashkent is approaching. New board members wanted.

Dear members of the IC, Dear colleagues,
In this newsletter, I will cover the following topics to brief you on the latest developments with regards to our organization and its activities:

  • 51st International Congress Tashkent 2019
  • 52nd International Congress DRUPA (Dusseldorf) 2020
  • IC Circular
  • A new presidium
The preparations for 51st IC congress in Tashkent suffered from some logistical complications but is now well on its way to ensure a memorable edition. Uzbekistan is a remarkable country with many monuments and sites on the World Heritage List. This, combined with some inspiring presentations, guarantees a successful conference. The website has been updated and the mail connection to Prof. Dr. Ismail Bulanow is restored. Kindly, share this information with your colleagues and students and encourage them to take part. Regarding the students and young researchers, ESKO and AGFA Graphics have pledged special financial support to pay for their participation. Lump sum grants of 1,000 euro each are offered. Make optimal use of this opportunity to give your students some international exposure! There are still some time slots available for presenters. For more information on the program, etc., you can contact Ismail directly through
With regards to the DRUPA 2020, the presidium has engaged in talks with iarigai to organize a joint conference on the 18th of June 2020. The focus of the event will be on our collaboration with the print media industry. "Bridging Industry and Education in Graphic Communication, Print and Media" is the working title. Various but selected vendors will be contacted to come and present a privileged look on the latest innovations to education professionals. Also your students are welcome to attend the sessions. International organizations such as CGEA, EGIN, TAGA and Intergraf already have pledged their support. Also, the VDD, the German association of printing engineers, has expressed interest in participating. Prof. Dr. Anastasios Politis has agreed to take the lead in the preparations. HdM is also preparing a booth called “World Print Campus” to introduce the major print media higher education institutions and to offer a floor for talks and presentations on the latest developments in the field of print media education. Details of the latter are forthcoming. All in all, this promises to become an unprecedented and highly enlightening event. Don’t forget to jot this down in your personal and professional agenda.
Thanks to the efforts of Prof. Dr. Martin Habekost and Prof. Dr. Csaba Horvath, the 11th edition of the IC Circular was printed and is now being distributed. If you need additional copies, please send me an e-mail
Finally, the mandate of the present presidium will come to an end at the DRUPA meeting in 2020. Both Prof. Dr. Gunter Huebner, vice-chair, and Prof. Dr. Martin Habekost, editor, have kindly agreed to accept another term if elected. As I will be retiring in 2021, I will not resubmit my candidature. I, therefore, would like to invite interested members to notify me of their interest to run for chair of the IC starting from June 2020.
I hope this finds you all well and I wish you and your colleagues a good start of the new academic year. Looking forward to seeing you all in Tashkent very soon, With my best regards Luk Bouters


Newsletter May 2019

New infos on the upcoming annual conference in Tashkent and the support for young researchers

Dear members of the IC, Dear colleagues, It is a pleasure to share with you the latest information on our upcoming 51st International Conference, hosted by our colleagues from the Tashkent Academy of Textile and Light Industry and to be held in Tashkent (Uzbekistan). A very promising program was designed by them under the co-ordination of Prof. Dr. Ismail Bulanow. We are very grateful for this preparatory work, which will allow us to meet and share expertise again in a conducive and inviting environment. You can consult the tentative programme via The website is "a work in progress", and will be gradually built up. It all starts on October 8th 2019 with registration and a welcoming dinner, followed by a series of presentations on October 9th and 10th. On October 11th, a tour to Tashkent is offered as a social activity to close the conference. The details of the program and the presentations will be made available on the conference website. Hereunder you can find a summary of the conference fees.

Members Non-members
Early bird* Regular fee Early bird* Regular fee
Speaker / Non-speaker 300 $
350 $
350 $
400 $
Student 150 $
200 $
150 $
200 $
Accompanying person
150 $
200 $
150 $
200 $
All fees are in US$ and include participation in the sessions, an evening reception and dinner, coffee breaks and lunches during the conference days, and the sightseeing trip to Samarkand (Bukhara is optional). The fee can be paid by bank transfer or by credit card. The early bird rate is available until August 5th, 2019. As mentioned above, all the details, including the accommodation modalities and the cancellation policy, are available on the website. Many countries are eligible for visa-free travel to Uzbekistan, but you need to check the visa-waiver prior to making your travel arrangements. Ask your travel agent for assistance or check this website As this is a very attractive program and venue, we would like to encourage you to start making the necessary travel preparations to secure your seat. Please share this information with your colleagues and/or collaborators. Encourage them to participate in the conference - and the presentations in particular - by submitting an abstract (app. 300-500 words) containing 3-5 keywords. The abstract should be sent to the conference coordinator. The scientific committee of the conference will review the received abstracts and select the papers to be presented during the conference. Young researchers in particular are urged to participate. Like last year, both Agfa Graphics and Esko have pledged to subsidize the participation of young researchers (bachelors, master and PhDs). When selected, each nominee will receive a lump sum of 1000 euro on their bank account to cover the cost of conference participation. This is a unique opportunity for young scientific talent to get international exposure and networking experience. Looking forward to meeting you all in Tashkent later this year, With my best regards Luk Bouters


Newsletter June 2018

New infos on the upcoming annual conference in Warsaw and the IC policy on the European Union's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Dear members of the IC, Dear colleagues, In this circular I would like to update you on the latest news regarding our upcoming conference and on the actions taken by the IC in order to adhere to the EU’s GDPR-regulation. So far, 20 abstracts and requests for presentations were received by the Scientific Committee of the 50th Annual Conference, taking place in Warsaw later this year. If you are interested in presenting a paper, there are still some time slots left, but do not hesitate too long. As our students’ theses are being submitted, kindly remind our outstanding students to apply for funding to present a paper at this conference. The European Union's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect 25 May 2018. In light of these regulations, please let us know if you would like to keep receiving emails from us. The protection of your data is very important and we will always treat this with respect for your privacy. For this reason, we need your confirmation that you would like to keep receiving newsletters and invitations to events from the IC. Confirm your profile and give permission With our best regards Luk Chair


Newsletter April 2018

Print edition of the IC journal will be delivered to IC-members. Young Scientist Grants for the International Conference in Warsaw.

Dear members of the IC Dear colleagues I am delighted to announce the publication of the 10th edition of the IC Journal. The web version was available before, but the printed version saw light this week. We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the hard and first-class work done by our colleague Prof. Dr. Martin Habekost (Ryerson University). All the members will receive a hard copy soon by snail mail. If you require more copies, just send a simple request to We would also like to invite you and your fellow colleagues to continue contributing to the IC Journal. Our scientific review offers an excellent opportunity to publicize your work and to get credit for the results of your research. Please feel free to share this open invitation with your colleagues. I would also like to encourage you to start the registration process for our next IC International conference, a lustrum edition not to be missed. You only need to go to and fill out the personal details. For the first time, we can also offer three subventions of 1000 euro each as lump sum grants to young researchers to cover their expenses (travel, accommodation, participation fee). To do so, they need to observe the same registration procedures as any other participant who would like to present a paper. It is as easy as that. Looking forward to meeting you again very soon in Warsaw. With our best regards Luk Bouters Chair


Newsletter March 2018

Further outlook to the 50th Annual Conference of the IC in Warsaw. Grants for young researchers. New issue of journal available. Invitation to join the LinkedIn group.

Dear colleagues, From 4th to 7th October 2018, the 50th Conference of the International Circle will be hosted by the Department of Printing Technology, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland. The conference will be coincide with the 50th anniversary celebrations of the education of graphic arts engineers at Warsaw University of Technology and with the 45th Conference of Iarigai. It goes without saying that this edition of our annual conference will be historical and memorable, so do not miss it! As the abstract submission deadline of 15th March 2018 is nearing, I would like to draw your special attention to two new activities. To start with, for the first time we will also organize a poster exhibition to allow colleagues to present their earlier, on-going, or future research and international co-operation projects during the conference. Not only will this ensure increased visibility and impact of the various projects we undertake; but also facilitate exchange of ideas and co-operation. Additionally, the IC conference will support the participation of young researchers. Three lump sum grants of 1,000 euro each will be allotted to assist in covering the travel and accommodation costs and to permit young research talents to present their thesis findings to the public. Kindly encourage your talented students to apply. We are also delighted to announce that a new edition of the IC Journal is online and can be consulted on our website. Hard copies of this edition will soon be available and forwarded to you. Thanks to the many authors and our editor, Prof. Dr. Martin Habekost, we are able to issue a scientific magazine filled with high quality articles, year after year. We have some genuinely good reasons to be proud of this. Finally, our recently launched IC LinkedIn page also deserves our attention and follow-up. This medium is well suited for instant messages and announcements related to our professional context: vacancies, seminars, searches for new project partners, etc. Moreover, it fosters international collaboration and interconnectivity. If you would like to join our network, connect here and you can call yourself a member of our worldwide professional group. Looking forward to welcoming you in Warsaw later this year, With my best regards Luk Chair


Newsletter January 2018

Outlook for the 50th Annual Conference of the IC in Warsaw. Possible cooperation with the IARIGAI. LinkedIn group started successfully.

Dear colleagues and members of the IC, In this Circular I will update you on some recent developments pertaining to the IC, more particularly our talks with IARIGAI to improve our co-operation and the preparatory work for the next Annual Conference in Warsaw (October 2018). On November 13, 2017, Martin Habekost and myself held a Skype conference with a delegation of the Warsaw University of Technology, Department of Printing Technologies, and representatives of IARIGAI. The latter included - amongst others - Gunter Huebner, president of IARIGAI and Prof. Branka Lozo, Secretary General of IARIGAI. The first were represented by – inter alia - Prof. Georgij Petriaszwili, Director of the 45th Conference in 2018, Dr. Joanna Izdebska Podsiadty, responsible IC Conference host, and Dr. Zuzanna Żołek-Tryznowska, responsible IARIGAI host. The main objectives of the meeting were to discuss the concept of a joint annual conference of the IC and IARIGAI in 2018, and additionally, to explore closer collaboration between our respective scientific journals. It was a very constructive meeting well prepared by Gunter Huebner, who, in his capacity as new president of the IARIGAI and vice-chair of the IC, is very familiar with both organizations and is well placed to act as intermediary. It was agreed that the conference lengths will differ (IC’s conference will be one day shorter) and that two different fees will apply, but with a joint conference reception on the first IC day. Participants of both conferences may switch between the programs and attend sessions from the other organization. More details of the program can be consulted on This website was launched recently by our Polish colleagues, who are doing a great job. It promises to become a memorable edition. Don’t miss it! It was also suggested that, if this formats works, we should consider a replication the next few years. This will be a topic for discussion during our next Annual Conference. Additionally, a closer collaboration between the two scientific journals was investigated. A number of alternatives were put forwarded and discussed. It became soon clear that keeping IARIGAI’s ISBN and indexation status was beneficial to all and we should look at how to ensure that IC’s specificity (print technology research but also management and educational issues pertaining to media technology) is given proper attention and place. Two options remained open in the end: • Publication of all articles in one single issue but to distinguish IARIGAI from IC papers by color; • Publish a special issue with IC topics annually, with Martin Habekost as guest editor for the IC community. Both have their value and both will assist us in making a great step forwards towards sustainability, visibility and credibility of our scientific magazine. I have also contacted a limited number of suppliers to seek their assistance in financing the participation of young researchers in the next Annual Conference. The basic idea behind this is that a young researcher might have the ambition and the content to deliver, but lacks the financial resources to participate in a conference abroad. ESKO (one seat) and AGFA (two seats) agreed to join and promised 1.000 euro lump sum subsidy for each chair: one on Offset, one on Inkjet and one on Packaging. For more details on these grants, I am again referring to the website of the Annual Conference 2018. I hope that this initiative will be well publicized in the various institutions and that students will react enthusiastically. Furthermore, the IC entered the era of social media. Our LinkedIn Group took off successfully and I trust you will bring this to the attention of your colleagues to enable the IC community to grow. This medium is an excellent means to channel information concerning events, seminars, search for project and research partners…. I would like to encourage you to make maximum use of it to promote our interconnectivity and international co-operation. If you have not subscribed yet, do not hesitate to join us at LinkedIn. To conclude, this circular cannot end without a wish for 2018! Therefore, we wish you a healthy, creative and productive year for you and your family. With our best regards Luk Bouters Chair Mariakerke, 11 January 2018


Newsletter June 2017

Summary of the 49th conference and general assembly of the IC in Beijing.

Dear members, dear colleagues, The 49th Annual Conference of the International Circle was a great success thanks to a strong program and a solid organizational management. It was an excellent opportunity to network and to strengthen our international contacts. We owe a lot of appreciation to the organizing committee and our host the BIGC. You can expect to consult some pictures of the event at our website soonest. As usual, this conference coincided with the General Assembly of our organization. Important to note here is that the proposed new charter was formally adopted by the members present. Action will be taken to put this in effect accordingly. At the General Assembly, our colleagues of the Department of Printing Technology of the Institute of Mechanics and Printing at Warsaw University of Technology, announced their hosting of the 50th Annual Conference. The institute was the first higher education institution in the country for engineers of printing and roughly 2000 engineers graduated since then. This edition will concur with their 50th anniversary celebrations and the IARIGAI annual conference. This promises to be a memorable event and edition. An opportunity not to be missed! Kindly block 4th to 7th of October 2018 in your agenda. A more detailed program is forthcoming. At the last General Assembly we also informed the membership about invitations from TAGA and IARIGAI to explore further collaboration, particularly with regards to the publication of scientific articles. All organizations encounter some difficulties in collating good quality papers on a regular basis for their respective publications and it is believed that joint action might help in overcoming this and ensure the continuation of high quality standards. In Beijing we received agreement from the membership to engage in some initial talks on this subject. Having said this and in the same vein, we welcome new articles for our next edition and proposals to host an Annual Conference. As improving our external and internal communication is one of our priorities, we launched a LinkedIn Group to bring together the members on social media and increase interconnectivity. You can join this group by sending a request to or click on this LinkedIn site. With our best regards, Luk Chair


Newsletter April 2017

Preparations for the IC-conference in Beijing

Dear colleagues, The 49th Conference of the International Circle is nearing and we are eagerly waiting to see you all again. This mail will update you on the latest news with regards to our annual conference, the new charter, the website of the organization and our scientific magazine. Our Chinese colleagues are working hard to make the 49th Annual Conference memorable and very educational. Having the venue for the conference in Beijing is very interesting and attractive to participate. Keep a close eye on the conference website as the organizers are finalizing the programme and it will be updated regularly. Kindly send your travel schedule to the organizers as they will arrange for airport transport whenever possible. They are also still looking for contributors and presentations for the programme. Attached with this mail, you will also find a copy of the proposed new charter both in English and German (thank you Gunter!). The draft was endorsed by the members of the ad hoc Advisory Board and we are very thankful for their time and useful observations. We have asked the organizing committee of the Conference for some time on the second day of the conference, to introduce the new charter to the General Assembly and to get its official approval and ratification. Please read it carefully before your arrival in Beijing. Our new editor has not been idle since his election. Martin Habekost finished the new edition of the IC Journal. The latest edition contains again very enlightening and instructive articles on issues pertaining to our professional field. Copies are available at no cost and if you are interested in receiving one, please send a mail to who will see to it that you receive your personal copy soonest. I will also handcarry copies to Beijing. Finally, we will add a new section to our website entitled ‘job job opportunities’. Here you can post job vacancies or interest for short and long term exchanges such as a guest professor. In case you have an offer or request, please send it to who acts as the webmaster of the organization. Looking forward to meeting you all at the 49th Conference in Beijing, With best regards, Luk Bouters


Results of General Assembly in Leipzig

New Chairman Elected

At the IC conference in June in Leipzig Wolfgang Faigle announced his retirement from serving as a Professor at the Stuttgart Media University. Accordingly he also announced to retire as a chairman of the IC. In the elections that took place in Leipzig the General Assembly voted for Luk Bouters from the Artevelde Hogeschool in Gent, Belgium as the new chairman and chose Gunter Huebner from the Stuttgart Media University as a vice chairman. Luk Bouters thanked Wolfgang Faigle for his longtime outstanding commitment for the IC. Further, a number of colleagues agreed to assist in preparing a new draft of the charter for approval by the General Assembly in Beijing 2017. They are (in alphabetical order): John Craft, Martin Habekost, Enn Kerner, Ken Macro, Tommy Nystrom, Anastasios Politis, Alexander Tsyganenko and of course the chairmen Luk Bouters and Gunter Huebner. image: Luk Bouters, President


Honorary Professorship for Wolfgang Faigle

The Technological Educational Institute (TEI) Athens has granted the title of honorary professorship to the chairman of the International Circle (IC) and the Vice director of the Stuttgart Media University, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Faigle.

For his long lasting commitment in research and education across national boundaries Faigle is highly appreciated by the Greek partners. Prof. Dr. Anastasios E. Politis of the Athens University, also chairman of the Greek Association of printing and media industry, handed over the certificate as a symbol of gratitude and recognition to Faigle on March 11 2015 during a ceremony at the Stuttgart Media University. The Athens University with its Faculty Graphic Arts Technology is more than 20 years a partner of the Stuttgart Media University.


New printing innovations made in Croatia

On the occasion of of Croatia joining the European Union on July 1st 2013, two very special new stamps were presented; they comprise elements printed with ink only visible in infrared light.

This is the first and only stamp employing this technique so far. For this purpose, a novel technique was used which several members oft he Ziljak familiy already had presented on conferences of the International Circle earlier. The stamp was designed by Jana Ziljak Vujic of the Faculty of Graphic Arts of the University of Zagreb.
The stamp and souvenir sheet were offset-printed. Additional information was included by using special infrared inks, which enables this "image in image" effect. Under infrared light, the stamp, shows the Croatian coat of arms and stars from the EU flag; on the souvenir sheet, the first two strophes of the national anthem of the Republic of Croatia are visible.
image: croatian ir stamp image: croatian ir sheet After this first successful application, it was decided that in the future all Croatian stamps will be printed with an infrared part. The creators of these stamps regard their product more as a special representation of unity in diversity, not so much as a security feature.
For further information please visit the homepage of the Croatian Post.


Golden Pixel Award for Game around Printing

The card game Press Ahead, designed and produced by students from the Stuttgart Media University convinced the Jury oft the Golden Pixel Award. On the occasion of a great gala celebration at Vienna, they received the prize for the category student productions on 8 November 2012.

The card game Press Ahead, designed and produced by students from the Stuttgart Media University convinced the Jury oft the Golden Pixel Award. On the occasion of a great gala celebration at Vienna, they received the prize for the category student productions on 8 November 2012. The Golden Pixel Award was announced for the first time in 2001 and is now one of the most prestigious prizes of the Austrian print and media industries. In 2012, almost 200 entries were recorded for 14 categories. Applications for the category student productions were invited worldwide in cooperation with the International Circle. Learn with Fun In the course of two semesters, nine students from the programmes Print and Media Technology and its German-Chinese counterpart developed the game from the first ideas up to the finished product. Press ahead is a game for three to six players of almost any age. It can be played at two levels and hence is fun and learning for beginners and experts alike. The question-and-answer game was published in five languages. It comprises 120 cards for the fields of prepress, press, finishing and packaging. The students created the questions and answers themselves, and they also organized the translations into English, Chinese, Russian, and Spanish. Here they were supported by fellow students who are native speakers in the respective languages. The project was led by Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoffmann-Walbeck and Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Riegel from the Print and Media Technology programme. Single copies of the game may be ordered at free of charge. The next opportunity to take part in the international Golden Pixel Award for student productions most probably will be in autumn 2013. The winners will be invited to Vienna.


Professor Dr. Rajendrakumar Anayath wins PIA award

Dr. Anayath from India was honored with the Education Awards of Excellence 2011 for his outstanding achievements in the print media, during the 2011 GASC/Printing Industries of America Teacher’s Conference from September 10-12 in Chicago, IL.

The award by the Printing Industries of America (PIA) is presented annually to an academic and an industry representative in recognition of outstanding contributions to education and training in the graphic arts. The Printing Industries of America it is the world’s largest graphic arts trade association, representing more than 10.000 member companies and 1 million employees. Dr. Anayath is an erudite academician, researcher and consultant with high caliber and extensive experience of over two decades in result oriented research, consultancy and training in Graphic Arts Industry. He has travel experience around the world for conducting programs, research activities, conferences and exhibitions and is a member of many prestigious research associations and bodies like PIA/GATF, TAGA, IARICAI, IC and so forth. Dr. Anayath authored and published many research papers in national and international journals and is also a freelance science journalist and a regular columnist in magazines and journals on print and media. Furthermore, being a visiting professor to many universities and colleges around the world. Dr. Anayath, who currently heads Heidelberg India’s Media Academy (PMA) in Chennai, is fully responsible for the establishment of the academy in India to cater the needs of the print Industry within the country. The International Circle congratulates Profesor Dr. Rajendrakumar Anayath on his award “Education Awards of Excellence 2011”!


Antonio Abbondio †

Antonio Fiorenzo Abbondio, Honorary President of the International Circle, passed away on 22 February 2011, aged only 72. The International Circle mourns for his long-standing President (1982 – 1994) and Honorary President.

There are only a few people who really merit the word “legendary”; Antonio Abbondio certainly is one of them. The wise, multilingual und charming Swiss will be unforgotten for all those who ever met him. Antonio, born in 1938, studied physics at ETH Zürich and earned his diploma degree there. After several positions in the graphic arts industry, he was appointed Director of the newly founded Swiss School of Engineering for Printing and Packaging, esig+, at Lausanne. He held this position for more than 25 years and made esig+ one of the most respected schools of its trade. He retired in 1998. esig+, Antionio’s life’s work, lives on in heig-vd and hes-so. From 1982 to 1994 Antonio was the third president of the International Circle, and it is only fair to say that this period was a heyday of the IC. Deeply internationally minded, Antonio extended and intensified the IC in every respect. A multitude of initiatives and special committees was started by Antonio. The IC acknowledged that by unanimously electing him as its Honorary President. For Antonio, retirment was no reason to rest. He remained to be one of the leading forces of the IC. The 50-years jubilee conference of the IC in 2007 at Lausanne also was a celebration in honour of Antonio Abbondio. Now Antonio died, far too early, peacefully at home. The International Circle joins his wife, Marlies, and a large family in mourning for an admirable colleague, brilliant in his field, and a great human.


Professor Dr. Alexander Tsyganenko retired

Professor Dr. Alexander Maximovich Tsyganenko, the long-standing Rector of the Moscow State University of Printing Arts (MGUP), was retired precisely on his 67th birthday. Until a new rector has been elected, the university is led by professor Dr. Konstantin Antipov.

Though the retirement of A.M. Tsyganenko had to be expected sooner or later, the date came as a surprise anyway. Tsyganenko was the Rector of the Moscow university since 1986. He led it brilliantly during the difficult years of transition from the Soviet Union to the Russian Federation of today; he is highly respected worldwide. MGUP, the largest institution of its kind, has been a member of the IC since 1994 and supports it strongly by, e.g., organizing several IC Annual Conferences and printing the IC Journal for free. Alexander Maximovich Tsyganenko, born in 1944, studied electrical and automation technology at the Moscow University of Mining. He worked at the Ministry for Higher Education of the former Soviet Union and later as the director of a school book publishing house. He wrote and edited a large number of textbooks on electrical and automation technology as well as media production. Alexander Tsyganenko is a member of the Russian Academy of Science as well as of the European Academy of Science and Arts and a Honorary Professor of the Stuttgart Media University. He was awarded honorary doctorates by the Bergische Universität Wuppertal and of the State Technical University of Ukraine at Kiew as well as a honorary professorship of the Technical University of Kirgizstan. The International Circle is grateful for the long-standing support of Alexander Tsyganenko and hopes that he will continue to support the IC also in his retirement. His rousing drive and energy certainly will prevail. Alexander Maximovich, we are expecting you at our next Annual Conference at Norrköping!


Alexander Tsyganenko Appointed HdM Honorary Professor

Alexander M. Tsyganenko, Rector of the Moscow State University of Printing Arts (MGUP), has been appointed Honorary Professor of the Stuttgart Media University (Hochschule der Medien, HdM) by unanimous decision of the German University's Senate.

This was to acknowledge Tsyganenko's long-lasting commitment to the cooperation of the universities, especially in the field of printing. "Alexander Tsyganenko is a highly respected to honour this internationally renowned scientist for his contributions to HdM. He has promoted our teaching as well as our research very much", HdM Rector Alexander W. Roos highlighted. Tsyganenko has been Rector of MGUP, the largest institute of its kind worldwide, since 1986. "MGUP has been one of our must important partner universities for many years. Alexander Tsyganenko especially promotes student as well as teacher exchange", Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Faigle, IC chairman and HdM Pro Rector for Research and International Relations, added. MGUP has been a member of the IC since 1994 and supports it strongly by, e.g., organizing several IC Annual Conferences and printing the IC Journal for free. Alexander Maximowich Tsyganenko, born in 1944, studied electrical and automation technology at the Moscow University of Mining. He Worked at the Ministry for Higher Education of the former Soviet Union and later as the director of a school book publishing house. He wrote and edited a large number of textbooks on electrical and automation technology as well as media production.


News from LCC

The School of Printing and Publishing of LCC, the London College of Communication, has been closed down.

The Printing Management Masters course is no longer offered. LCC will continue, however, to teach printing, but only as a pathway within the Design and Media degree programmes. The former Dean of the school, Sue Pandit, has left the instituion, as has Marilyn McMenemy, formerly Dean of Quality at the LCC.


EDPM Intensive Program Ends Successfully

From August 22nd to September 9th, the European Digital Print Media (EDPM) Summer University was hosted by Budapest Tech, Hungary.

The intensive program was organized for the third time in cooperation with eight partner institutions from all over Europe. A lot of effort went into the elaborate schedule, balancing lectures and workshops, while featuring also cultural events such as a sightseeing tour through Budapest and a trip to lake Balaton. A total of 62 teachers and students from Germany, Finland, Belgium, England, Slovenia, Hungary and the Netherlands participated in the project. Teaching materials, results and impressions of the almost three week long Summer University have been made available online on the EDPM website.


Retirement celebration for Dr. Sobotka

One of the most renowned teachers for the graphic arts industry retired on 11 November 2008: Prof. Dr. Werner Sobotka from Vienna’s "Graphische", the Higher Federal Graphic Institute for Teaching and Research which he helped to form over several decades.

Many guests, including prominent colleagues from trade and industry as well as from the scientific community and from the administration, but also many of his former students had come to give Werner Sobotka a farewell. The greetings and congratulations of the International Circle were presented by its president, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Faigle from Stuttgart. Many speakers from all over Europe characterised Sobotka in their very personal views, thus creating a complex and multi-faceted picture of the honoured colleague. Dr. Mladen Lovrecek, the secretary general of iarigai, described Sobotka as a strong and comprehensively educated "Renaissance man” who certainly will not be bored after his retirement. All agreed.


First issue online

The first issue of the International Circular of Graphic Education and Research has been printed and can now be viewed on this website.

You can download the articles as PDF documents here: Issue No. 1/2008


Professor Tsyganenko Dr. h. c. of the University of Wuppertal

Prof. Dr. Alexander M. Tsyganenko has been granted the title of honorary doctor by the University of Wuppertal.

The official awarding of the title Dr. h. c. by the rector of the university, Professor Dr. Volker Ronge, will be held on friday, June 6th 2008 within an open experts' meeting of the International Circle of Educational Institutes for Graphic Arts Technology and Management in the center of auditoriums on campus Freudenberg. Professor Tsyganenko has been rector of the widely known and distinguished Moscow State University of Printing Arts (MSUD) since 1986 that has been connected to the University of Wuppertal by a cooperation treaty since 1992. This affected mainly the exchange of students and lecturers, but also many other projects that wouldn't have been possible without Professor Tsyganenko's personal commitment. Tsyganenko has received a large number of honorations so far. He is a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and has received, among other things, the highest Russian Order of Merit awarded to civilians.


Young Academics Present Themselves and Their Own Campus

Universities of Print and Media Technology act jointly at the DRUPA 2008.

Düsseldorf, Germany - At a joint stand the five universities of Print and Media Technology in Germany will present themselves from May 29 until June 11, 2008 at the DRUPA 2008 Print and Media Fair in Düsseldorf. The fairgoers can obtain more information about the study-program opportunities and the competencies of the universities concerned at the stand designated as 7aE02. An old saying goes: "When the wind of change blows, build windmills, not windbreaks" In a figurative sense windmills are produced at those locations in Germany where research is conducted: namely at universities. They foster forward-looking thinking, which is becoming increasingly relevant in the print-and-media industry. For this reason it is that the five German universities for Print and Media Technology are present at the DRUPA 2008. Starting on May 29, 2008, Technische Fachhochschule Berlin, Hochschule München, Hochschule für Technik, Wirtschaft und Kultur Leipzig, Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart and Bergische Universität Wuppertal, will present themselves and their range of course offerings conjointly at the stand designated as 7aE02 under the heading "Campus of Print and Media Technology". The individual study opportunities of each of the universities in the fields of print and media technology will be presented to fairgoers in five different lecture rooms. What academic programs are offered? What variety of projects do students participate in? What are the future prospects for graduates? Students of these academic programs will answer these and other questions at their mutual stand. Secondary-school students, apprentices, qualified workers in this field with interest in further education and students of other universities will be just as welcome as companies on the lookout for future qualified managers and personnel. Moreover, visitors can inform themselves about the expertise of the participating universities in the field of print and media through presentations that vary daily at the Print Forum of the neighboring stand of The German Printing and Media Industries Federation. In cooperation with the five universities, diverse topics of the printing industry will be addressed, for example success strategies in companies, inline finishing, and ecological design. Besides the lectures and personal dialogs with the students, numerous exhibits from study and research projects are on display at the stand. Further information is available at the following locations: Technische Fachhochschule Berlin (University of Applied Sciences), Prof. Dr. Anne König, ++49 30 45 04 - 52 52, email: Hochschule für Technik, Wirtschaft und Kultur Leipzig (Leipzig University of Applied Sciences), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrike Herzau-Gerhardt, Tel. ++49 3 41 2 17 03 55, email: Hochschule München (University of Applied Sciences), Prof. Christian Luidl, Tel.: ++49 89 12 65 15 66, email: Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart (Stuttgart Media University), Prof. Dr. Ing. Gunter Hübner, Tel.: ++49 7 11 89 23 21 44, email: Bergische Universität Wuppertal (University of Wuppertal), Prof. Dr. Stefan Brües, Tel.: ++49 2 02 4 39 11 67, email:


Dear members of the International Circle and interested visitors,

welcome to the new website of the IC. We have been working on it for some time and hope that we have created a convenient and informative platform.

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