09 Oct 2013 New printing innovations made in Croatia

New printing innovations made in Croatia

On the occasion of of Croatia joining the European Union on July 1st 2013, two very special new stamps were presented; they comprise elements printed with ink only visible in infrared light.

This is the first and only stamp employing this technique so far. For this purpose, a novel technique was used which several members oft he Ziljak familiy already had presented on conferences of the International Circle earlier. The stamp was designed by Jana Ziljak Vujic of the Faculty of Graphic Arts of the University of Zagreb.
The stamp and souvenir sheet were offset-printed. Additional information was included by using special infrared inks, which enables this “image in image” effect. Under infrared light, the stamp, shows the Croatian coat of arms and stars from the EU flag; on the souvenir sheet, the first two strophes of the national anthem of the Republic of Croatia are visible.
After this first successful application, it was decided that in the future all Croatian stamps will be printed with an infrared part. The creators of these stamps regard their product more as a special representation of unity in diversity, not so much as a security feature.
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