21 Apr 2020 Newsletter

Newsletter April 2020

Annual meeting postponed due to Corona. In the search for a new chairperson.

Dear members of the IC, Dear colleagues,
At disturbing times like we are experiencing now, one values his health and the well-being of the family and colleagues more than ever before. On behalf of the presidium, I would like to express my sincere hope that this circular finds you well and in good health. And, I trust we will all meet again soon.
In this circular, I would like to update you on the latest news related to the International Circle. First of all, as you are all aware, due to Corona, DRUPA and our annual conference were postponed.
The presidium conferred and decided to maintain the program as it is and to organize it at the Dusseldorf Messe during DRUPA 2021. Prof. Dr. Anastasios Politis has kindly agreed to start the preparations for the next conference which will be organized jointly with IARIGAI as originally planned. More detailed information will follow. The Drupa 2020 event could have been the beginning of a new era of collaboration between various organizations that are related to the print industry. TAGA, EGIN, Intergraf, IARIGAI, CGTEA, etc. all had agreed to attend and promote the event. We will contact them again and seek their backing and assistance to make the 2021 edition of DRUPA memorable and successful.
As you all know, I will retire from office on May 1st, 2021 and the election of a new chair was scheduled to take place during the General Assembly of this year’s Annual Conference, June 18th, 2020. Here again, Corona intervened and crossed our plans. The presidium supported the suggestion that I remain in office until the next annual conference (DRUPA, April 2021) and that a new chair is elected then. I concurred with this idea and proposition. Interested candidates have twelve more months to ponder and interested candidates can inform me by mail.
In pre-Corona times, it was also agreed that HELGRAMED would be responsible for the organization of the 52nd Annual Conference in 2021. We approached IARIGAI and Helgramed and they welcomed the suggestion to join hands and to organize an international conference in Athens in the fall of 2021. Here again, Prof. Dr. Politis will take the lead.
Additionally, one IC journal paper has been approved by the reviewers and is ready for publication. The article has been uploaded to our website. We will continue doing so to ensure that papers, reviewed and approved for publication, can be consulted by the members. As soon as we have enough papers, a print publication will follow. Prof. Dr. Martin Habekost, the editor of our journal, is extending again a call for scientific articles and is encouraging you to submit articles for review. Please consider your colleagues and students to send in articles. They will be warmly welcomed. Given the fact that many print-oriented or related publications face difficulties in getting enough quality publications, maybe we should consider joining forces.
In closing, I would like to reiterate my hope for your good health and safety and wish you and your family all the best. Remain safe and sound!
All the best

Luk Bouters